Audrey Cisneros                                    artist

About Me

I have lived in the RGV my entire life (so far) and worked in many different art related fields.  My son and I currently live between Harlingen and Rio Hondo.

I graduated from UTB with my Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in the Spring of 2010 and am currently working as an art teacher for IDEA College Preparatory School in Donna, TX. 




        Art has always held a substantial role in my life.  By this I refer to art as a form of expression which links me to the world around me.  To describe my evolution as an artist is a difficult task in itself.


         After studying Art History and developing my technique, I became more aware of both the Western and global traditions of art.  I doing so I began to relate the works of the masters to my own.  My culture and exposure to artistic traditions around me has impacted my aesthetic preferences.  These preferences in turn influence the art I continue to create, with much research; I have found a way to describe my artistic development.  Through the combination of organic imagery with expressive color and linear qualities, my art has become a subjective combination of Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, Dada, Surrealism, and Animation.

About Me as an Artist

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